Tuesday Transformation – Coffee vs Creamer

What’s in your coffee?

This week’s installment of #TuesdayTransformation is about my <3 of coffee creamers and how I finally kicked the habit.  No more artificial sweeteners and added calories to my coffee. Just all natural stevia to my perfectly brewed cup.  Oh, and PLEASE excuse the way I look! No makeup and bad hair…yikes!

Of course, you’ve gotta have the right kind of coffee too. Here is a listing of some of my favorite coffee roasters … most of these on the list are local roasters in the Atlanta, Georgia area. I challenge you to venture out into your community and taste different types of coffee. You may realize that what you are drinking now (ahem, Starbucks) is actually awful. LOL!  🙂

1000 Faces

* Batdorf & Bronson

* Jittery Joe’s

* Counter Culture

Learn why artificial sweeteners are so bad for you:
Harvard Health Publication
Mayo Clinic
USA Today

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