FITober – Taking Applications Now

It’s almost October which means more than just pumpkins, Halloween costumes, and candy. It means that it is the start of my annual FITober Challenge!

Let’s face it, October can be hard on you. Starbucks is selling their Pumpkin Spice Latte, there is Halloween candy on every aisle of the grocery store and there are tons of festivals and parties to attend. That’s why starting a fitness plan in October makes the perfect sense! The group will keep you super motivated and accountable to reach YOUR goals. We are going to Slim down in time for Halloween and keep it up through Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Yep, no holiday weight gain for us! This simplified and fun plan that includes exclusive access to a private online support group & is personalized to your goals.

But trying to lose weight without a plan is just a frustrating time suck. This time of year should be fun, not depressing…

I was completely frustrated for 9 months after my 2nd daughter was born.  Then I found this system and it completely changed the course of my life.

It’s fast, easy, simplified, and fun. I got into the best shape of my life in the comfort of my own home. My schedule, my kids, my food, my living room, and some times my pajamas (don’t judge).

That’s real results, unbeatable value, complete convenience.

FitKeri Before

4 Reasons This Works:

  • SUPPORT. A group of like minded women going through the same exact thing as YOU. We will cry, laugh, and celebrate with you the whole way.
  • IT’S CUSTOM.  I have a customized coaching program and meal plan just for my customers that help you change the way you think about health & fitness.  No guess work.  No hoping. Just results.
  • NO GYM REQUIRED. Pick when and where you want to work out with all the tools, support, and motivation needed.
  • IT’S EASY.  Want to see results in as little as 21 days? Only have 25 minutes a day? What to gain lean muscle mass? There are programs that are expertly designed just for you. Losing weight doesn’t take 90 minutes a day in the gym any more! There is something for every single fitness level, even if you have never worked out before.


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What’s included?

— ONLY 30 minute workouts (perfect for busy moms like YOU)
— Everything is done from home!
— Simple, fool-proof meal plans & recipes
— Portion control food containers (THIS IS A GAME CHANGER FRIEND!)
— Superfood nutrition milkshake that replaces one snack or meal a day
— Online private FB support group
— Surrounded by AMAZING women doing the same thing!
— Accountability & support from ME – so that you actually STICK TO IT!!!
— RESULTS!!! (or your money back!)

 Awesome FREE Bonuses Included:

  • INCLUDES my 10 Day Clean Eating Meal Plan AND Shopping List that I use to get back on track and stay there.
  • INCLUDES lifetime membership to my graduate support group – being healthy is a lifelong journey and getting continued support is KEY to lasting results.
  • Once you complete your program, you will receive a free T-shirt.

All you need to do is answer a few easy questions and you’ll receive an email within 2 business days (check your junk folder) that will include program suggestions & additional details with absolutely no obligation to commit.

Warning: If you lose more than 10 pounds in 10 days, please discontinue participation! You’re doing something way too right! (kidding…sort of!)




It’s Day 2 for our “Reaching Your Full Potential” challenge we are doing this month in my ongoing accountability group. This month we are focusing on becoming our best self. If you missed the intro to this month’s focus and day 1 challenge, go ahead and take a look at it now.

Today’s challenge is easy: Read the following article.

Self-assessment can help you improve every day.

This article is from one of my favorite motivational speakers, John C. Maxwell. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing him live at our annual conference and he speaks with so much heart and passion that you can’t walk away without wanting to read everything he writes. This article is all about Improving Yourself and how to start the journey on becoming your best self.

Improve Yourself
By John C. Maxwell

Time for a history lesson: The Stone Age didn’t end because humans ran out of rocks. It ended because we kept learning and improving. If you think about it, the desire for self-improvement is written into our DNA.

Through the ages, the most successful people have been those who could tap into their deep drive to improve themselves. Learning to perform better day by day and studying those who share that commitment is a special passion for me, and I believe it’s important for any leader. In this second adaptation from my new book Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn, I’ll share some of what I’ve discovered about self-improvement.

1. It’s the first step to improving everything else.

The world whizzes by at an incredible pace. I joked about the end of the Stone Age. Some archaeologists believe that period lasted millions of years. But the Bronze Age, which followed, lasted only 2,000 years. Then the Iron Age, less than 1,000. Each period in technological history comes faster and faster—a testament to our drive for progress.

Now, in the Information Age, advancements accelerate at incomprehensible rates. According to a University of California at Berkeley study, the amount of information produced worldwide in 2002 was five exabytes—the equivalent of 37,000 digitized copies of the 17 million books in the Library of Congress. And that was before Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and others took the exponential growth of human expression to a new level. Hewlett Packard estimates that by 2020, 50 zettabyes of new information will be created each year. A zettabye is 1,000  exabytes!

The bottom line is clear. If you are not moving forward, the world is passing you by.

2. It requires leaving your comfort zone.

In Crime and Punishment, Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s protagonist observes, “Taking a new step, uttering a new word, is what people fear most.” Instead people should most fear the opposite—not taking that step. If we don’t step out of our comfort zone and into the unknown, we will not grow.

Security does not take us forward. It does not help us overcome obstacles. It does not lead to progress. You’ll never get anywhere interesting if you always do the safe thing. Instead you must surrender security to improve.

Progress is not a single step. You’ve got to keep marching—committing to the improvement you’ve pledged to make. Speaker Peter Lowe once told me, “The most common trait I have found in successful people is that they conquered the temptation to give up.” Face your fears. Get out of your comfort zone and try new  things.

3. It’s not about quick fixes.

We live in a society with what I call “destination disease.” People want to do just enough to “arrive,” and then they want to retire.

My friend Kevin Myers says it this way: “Everyone is looking for a quick fix, but what they really need is fitness. People who look for easy solutions stop doing what’s right as soon as pressure is relieved. People who pursue fitness do what they should no matter what.” That’s the truth. Losers don’t lose because they focus on losing: They lose because they focus on just getting by.

Where do you stand? Are you fixated on the easy way out? Or are you the slow-but-steady type who keeps working to get better? Those are the people headed toward success.

4. It’s a daily commitment.

David D. Glass, the former president and CEO of Wal-Mart, was once asked why he admired company founder Sam Walton. He responded, “There’s never been a day in his life, since I’ve known him, that he didn’t improve in some way.” Now that is an accomplishment.

Pretty early on my own journey, I heard something from the personal development speaker and author Earl Nightingale that changed my life. He said, “One hour per day of study will put you at the top of your field within three years. Within five years you’ll be a national authority. In seven years, you can be one of the best people in the world at what you do.” That was when I made the daily commitment to understanding leadership.

Some things simply have to be done every day. You know that old saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”? Well, eating seven apples at once every Monday morning isn’t going to give you the same benefit. If you want to improve, intentional growth needs to be a daily habit—it’s not a once-in-a-while, when-you-have-time sort of thing.

As I’ve worked to improve myself on a day-by-day basis, two words have helped me stay on track. The first is intention. Every morning I promise myself to learn something new. As I go about my day, I’m consciously looking for things that will help me improve.

The other word is contemplation. Time alone is essential for self-improvement. When I spend time thinking about my challenges, experiences and observations, I gain perspective. I can evaluate my losses and mistakes, and learn from them. These quiet moments are also my time for positive self-talk. Motivational humorist Al Walker said, “The most important words we will ever utter are those words we say to ourselves, about ourselves, when we are by ourselves.” During these solo conversations, we can beat ourselves up or build ourselves up.

Need your own conversation starter? Ask yourself these few questions before bed, as I do.

• What did I learn today? What spoke to both my heart and my head?

• How did I grow today? What touched me and affected my actions?

• What will I do differently? Unless I can state this specifically, I haven’t learned anything.

One of the things I never do during that private conversation is compare myself to others. There’s a reason for that. My desire is not to become superior to anybody else. I want to be superior only to my former self. Intention and contemplation help me do that.


“Make the most of yourself….for that is all there is of you.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Comment below and let me know what you think. 

June Fit & Healthy Accountability Calendar

Here it is! Your June 2014 Fit & Healthy Accountability Challenge. There are THREE chances to WIN prizes this month. One the days where it asks to “post to wall”, everyone who participates will be entered to win a prize for that day. Just post directly on my Facebook page.Tag Yourself, Share It, Print It, Pin It & Use It to enhance your current routine!! I like to print it and put on the fridge as a daily reminder of my commitment to health and fitness. You could also hang yours on your wall or up in your office to help keep you on track. Also save it to your smartphone so that it’s stored under your photos and you can always have it with you.Can you make it through all 30 days? Cross each day off as you complete the day’s challenge so you can visually see all your hard work and accomplishments!!!Fit & Healthy Challenge  - June 2014 (1)