Plyo Leg Workout

Ready, Set, GOOOO … Plyo Leg Day – do each move for 30 seconds.

1 Squat Jump
2 One-Leg Squat Jump right
3 Squat Jump
4 One-Leg Squat Jump left
5 Tuck Jump
6 Frog Jump
7 Tuck Jump
8 Frog Jump


I have room this month for 3 more women who are ready to MAKE A LIFESTYLE CHANGE in their nutrition!!!! We all know that 70-80% of your results, are a direct reflection of your nutrition! It will not matter what workouts you are doing, if your eating isn’t in check!
So this group is for those who are ready to commit to improving nutrition, along with quick and simple 30 minute workouts doing moves like the one you see in this video. You can be at ANY fitness level and need to lose between 10-50 lbs.

My private online support and accountability group starts Monday and will include: My favorite meal plan that focuses on proper portions of whole foods, 7 different workouts, a 30 day supply of my favorite whole food meal replacement, online support in my private group every day, and daily accountability through check in’s with me for as long as you’d like!

This group is a complementary service for those INVESTING in their own fitness and nutrition, just like I do! This group is specifically for people who want to change their lifestyle long term and work toward improving, not achieving perfection. Serious inquiries only please!


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