Busy Mom Fitness Plan

Are you a busy mom? Are  you a busy mom who knows she needs to do WHATEVER it takes to get back in shape? If so, I know exactly how you feel! I was once there too and have had great success in the past three years to not only get my pre-baby body back, but actually got in the best shape of my life. I would love to help you succeed in your fitness journey!

I am a wife and a mom to two daughters ages 6 & 9 and one big hound dog named Fiona (you can see her in almost all my videos!). Up until a year ago, my husband traveled during the week, so I was basically a single mom for 4 days out of the week which left me little time to do anything for myself.  However, I decided after my youngest was born that I had to get back in shape. That journey helped find my purpose in life, helping other mom succeed!

Find my soul mate workout literally changed my life! I got my strength back, my motivation, my self-confidence and just felt like my old self again. I literally got in the best shape of my life and wanted to help others with their fitness as well. I signed up to be a fitness coach, got my Personal Training Certification and have been helping others with their fitness for nearly five years now. It’s my passion and dream job!

I am currently looking for women who want and need the support to get fit, but in a healthy way that’s going to last.  These women will need to commit to working out 30 minutes or less a day, follow a nutrition plan, and participate in our private online accountability group. This online fitness support group is starting soon, and includes a workout routine tailored to your goals, a customized meal plan, nutrition education, online peer support 24/7 and daily coaching with me.

I will only be accepting ~5 women per month in order to keep the group small and intimate and allow me to give you as much attention as needed! If you can commit to working out for at least 22 minutes a day, follow a nutrition guide/meal plan, and can provide updates with me, then please fill out the application and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can to discuss.  I’m here to help YOU succeed! Let’s go!




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